Dear readers/authors

I would like to invite you to share your advices and experiences with our Journal (JHSPH). We are seeking best practices and experiences for human health system in order to prevent diseases, reduce the cost of human health and in particular reduce the cost of treatment and rehabilitation issues. Please think about your field of expertise and experiences which may be useful for human health including Physical, mental and social dimensions. We are looking for the best ideas which you approached before; either in your field or your researches for long times work or health policies which you would think it might improve human health quality for national or international health organization. Therefore, we are trying to publish applied and basic researches in order to improve human health. Thus, I would be appreciated if you send the best of your works and experiences in order to be published in our Journal (JHSPH).

Do not forget: our priorities are related in health policy as the following:

·         Health Policy in family medicine

·         Health policy in Environmental health in particular air pollution, safe water supply, safe sewage disposal systems in the environment and vector control.

·         Hospital Infection Control

·         Hospital Management

·         Patients Care

·         Patients Safety

·         Insurance Quality

·         Health Economy

·         Occupational /Health and Medicine

·         Mental Health

·         Health Promotion /Health Education

·         Safe food supply

·         Diet for different age groups

·         Laboratory diagnosis

·         Different clinical sciences finding

Best regards


 Ali Mehrabi Tavana, PhD. 



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