Inpatient Satisfaction in a subspecialty Hospital With a view to Accreditation from 2009 until 2012

Mohammad Gholami-Fesharaki, Hamed Akbari, Mohammad javad Jamali, Amir Adibzadeh, Hesam Akbari, Masome Mohamadian, Zohreh Aghamiri, Mahdi Habibi


Background and Objectives: Patient satisfaction is one of the basic points in quality important systems and accreditation.

Material and Methods: This study was carried out on 1582 inpatients during years 2009 until 2012 in a subspecialty hospital with proportional stratified random sampling method.

Results: The overall inpatient satisfaction was 75%, 95%CI (73%, 78%). Result of this study shown that IPS was higher but not significant in winter rather summer season (winter p=77%, summer p=73.8%, P value=0.145). During the study percent of inpatient satisfaction increase 26% and average of this increment was 6.5% per year.

Discussion: Our study showed that accreditation can improve inpatient satisfaction.


Key words: Accreditation, Inpatients Satisfaction, Subspecialty Hospital

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