Evaluation of Research System in a Medical Sciences University

Mohammadkarim Bahadori, Ali Mehrabi Tavana, Khalil Momeni, Maryam Yaghoubi, Ehsan Teymourzadeh, Khalil Alimohammadzadeh


Introduction: Research is a proactive and systematic process for discovering, interpreting and revising phenomena, events and hypotheses. The first step to bring order to research is to achieve a true understanding of the existing features capabilities and to understand research programs strengths and weaknesses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the current challenges in a Medical Sciences University.

Methods: This descriptive –analytical and cross-sectional study was done in 2012. The sample in study was 150 faculty members of a Medical Sciences University. Data were collected using questionnaire with 64 questions and in five domains. Reliability of questionnaire was conducted by experts. Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.78. Data were analyzed by SPSS 18.0 software and t-test, ANOVA and Pearson tests.

Results: The maximum mean and SD (3.51 ± 0.69), was related to the problems in the articles publishing, and the least (3.43 ± 0.64) was related to the difficulty in preparing, drafting and approval of the project. Overall, the mean and standard deviation 3.47 ± 0.60 was achieved, respectively. There was strong significant relationship between each 5 domain and also between the total score and domains.

Conclusion: Regarding the research obstacles in this University, Faculty members will be able to play their roles in achieving the goals of organization using reforms of administrative and managerial programs by managers and authorities   


Keywords: Evaluation, Research System, Faculty Member, University, Medical Sciences

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