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Vol 9, No 3: Autumn 2015 Relationship between attachment to parent and peer and psychological distance: the mediating effect of spiritual identity Abstract   PDF
Samira Rahpeima, Bahram Jowkar
Vol 5, No 1: Spring 2011 A Comparative Study about Function Planning Frontal Lobe Delinquent Aggressive Adolescents, Aggressive Non-delinquent Adolescents and Normal Adolescents Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Vol 2, No 3: Autumn 2008 A comparison memory recognition among students with and without social anxiety Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
hossein zare, nahid ghanbariha, esmaeil sadepor
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 A Comparison of auditory selective attention and hearing dominance in students with and without Dyslexia Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti, Bentolhoda Amiri
Vol 6, No 3: Autumn 2012 A comparison of early maladaptive schemas and perceived parental rearing behaviors in couples with problem-focused and emotion-focused coping style Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Malihe Hassani, Ali Fathi-Ashtiani , Seyed Kazam Rasoolzadeh-Tabatabaei
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 A Comparison of the effectiveness of interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapies for social anxiety disorder Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Azadeh Tavoli, Abasali Allahyari, Parviz Azadfalah, Ali Fahi-Ashtiani, Mahdieh Melyani
Vol 6, No 3: Autumn 2012 A comparison of the effectiveness of Adlerian counseling and cognitive reconstruction based on an allegory of student mental health Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Hossein Salimi Bajestani, Abdolah shafi abadi, Ahmad Etemadi, Khodabakhsh Ahmadi
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 A comparison of the effectiveness of the cognitive-behavioral and social competency training methods on adaptive behavior of intellectually disabled boy students Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Somaye Jalil Abkenar, Masoume Pourmohamadrezatajrishi,
Vol 9, No 3: Autumn 2015 A critical study on the newest model of perfectionism Abstract   PDF
Hoda Purrezaian, Mehdi Purrezaian, Mahmood Golzari, Ahmad Borjali
Vol 4, No 4: Winter 2011 A study of mental health and parenting stress among parents of mental disabled children Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
mohsen amiri, gholam ali afrooz, ehsan malahmadi, sehrane javadi, fatemeh nourallahi
Vol 11, No 3: AUTUMN 2017 A Study on Factor Structure and Validation of Social Reward Questionnaire in Iranian Youth Abstract   PDF
Atie Arab Mohebi Shahrabi, Fereshte sadat Mortazavi Nasiri, ٍٍShahla Pakdaman, Seyed Mohammad Sadatian, Fateme Sadat Madani
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 A survey to the predictive value of personal dimensions, anxiety trait and depressive quality in smoking Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Ashraf Sadat Mousavi, ,
Vol 8, No 3: Autumn 2014 An analysis of the qualitative research conducted by Iranian psychologists: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Behnaz Dowran, Ali sheikholislami, Mandana Amiri, Alireza Kolivand
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 An estimation of father’s role in children’s mental health through military families Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Mojtaba Yalve, Bita Afsardair, Said Khodabandeloo
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 An examination of relationship between mothers’ early maladaptive schemas and maladaptive parenting styles Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
fatemeh daemi, Masuod Janbozorgi
Vol 7, No 2: Summer 2013 An experimental investigation of emotional reactivity in aversive situations, and delayed emotional recovery, in patients with borderline personality disorder Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Fateh Rahmani, Mohammad Ali Kiani, Farzin Rezaei, Marzie Nasuri
Vol 9, No 2: Summer 2015 An explanation of the patients and nurses perception on the concept of emergency caring Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Hosein Mahmoudi, Eesa Mohammadi, Abbas Ebadi
Vol 2, No 2: Summer 2008 An investigation of the relation between emotional intelligence and five factors of personality in students Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
mahdiyeh Safietabar, mohamad karim Khodapanahi, saleh Sedgh Pour
Vol 7, No 3: Autumn 2013 An investigation of the validity and reliability of psychometric characteristics of five facet mindfulness questionnaire in Iranian non-clinical samples Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Leila Heydarinasab, zahra ahmadvand, mohamad reza shairi
Vol 10, No 2: Summer 2016 An investigation on the relationship between perfectionism beliefs, self-efficacy, and test anxiety with self-handicapping behaviors Abstract   PDF
Mohammadreza Firoozi, Ghader Zadebagheri, Ali Kazemi, Maryam Karami
Vol 5, No 3: Autumn 2011 Analysis of stressors, coping styles, and mental health in infertile men and women Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
samira Heidari, Parviz Azad-Fallah, sayed-kazem Rasoolzadeh-Tabatabaei
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 2010 Applicability of Sternberg's mental self-government theory in academic situations: Thinking styles and five big personality traits Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Shokri O., Khodaei A., Daneshvarpour Z., Toulabi S., Fooladvand Kh.
Vol 5, No 4: Winter 2012 Assessing the impact of impulsivity on working memory performance and frontal cortical arousal Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Neda Nazarboland, Parviz Azadfallah, Ali Fathi-Ashtiani, Hassan Ashayeri, Mojtaba Khodadadi
Vol 3, No 2: Summer 2009 Attribution styles and converging-diverging learning styles in depressed and non-depressed students Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
Ghasemi N., Fathi-Ashtiani A., Raeesi F.
Vol 8, No 2: Summer 2014 Attributional styles and self-regulation: An exploration into the role of personality styles Abstract   PDF (فارسی)
fatemeh Arfaa, Mohammadreza Ahanchian, Somayeh Bahman abadi
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