Data Mining, an Approach for Developing the Health Domain

Shahram Tofighi, Ali Ghazvini, Gholamhossein Pourtaghi, Mansour Esmaeilpour, Reza Shahhoseini


Nowadays, data mining as the process of arrangement and classifications of voluminous data is one of the most important technics for studying and analyzing data in different organizations and domains. Data mining is among technological improvements towards data managing. Also, the wide use of information systems and databases has converted its merging with traditional methods into a necessity. Due to the existence of the large datasets in health-care organizations, data mining process has become necessary towards the automatic summarization of data and the extraction of the stored information and detection of the pattern from data. As nowadays the wide volume of data is daily obtained during care and treatment processes, analyzing them in order to discover the patterns and new science that can be resulted to upgrade health has been extremely inconspicuous. Therefore, the purpose of the present research is studying strategies and technics of data mining as one of the most important approaches in the development of health domains.









Keywords: Data Mining, Health, Decision Tree, Neural Networks, Networks, Genetic Algorithms

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