An applicable Model for Trauma First aid and Transport: A review

Hamid Reza Gholami, Forogh Sarhangi, Morteza Khaghanizade


The nature of trauma triage and transportation services is along with limited opportunities, chaos and irregularities. In such conditions, a model is required to prevent a problem through anticipating the future and appropriate decision making. This study tried to suggest an applicable model through surveying weak and strong points of the available models in trauma triage and transportation. In this study by using a mini review method in purposive form and by focusing on the research question that is; “what are the available models for transport and first aid?”, necessary information was searched, retrieved, evaluated and integrated in the related information databases based on the key words and inclusion criteria. Five articles had the inclusion criteria. These articles were narrative ordered, summarized and categorized according to the research question and finally findings were reported based on the achieved themes.  The theme of “responsible model in trauma transport and first aid” was achieved through data analysis and integration; this theme includes: three main categories; “recognition and decision making in trauma transport and first aid”, “trauma transport and first aid in remote areas” and “crisis management of trauma transport and first aid”. We propose that trauma transport and triage models are actual images of first aid measures which lead to performance increase and successful results in first aid system in different conditions. Responsive model in trauma first aid and triage is an applicable model that improves first aid speed, transportation and pre-hospital care in terms of motivation, skill and promotion of management ability through human sources empowerment. 

Keywords: trauma, first aid , transportation, responsive models, pre-hospital care

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