An Introduction to the Principles and Techniques of Intervention in the Crisis of Drugs Addiction

Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Nasirudin Javidi


Introduction: this study aims to explore infidelity crisis pathology and providing therapeutic protocols to reduce damages resulted from infidelity. In this study, various drugs have been described, including hallucinogenic drugs, cannabis and hemp plant sap, drugs, causing sluggishness, actuators, etc. Also, causes of addiction and its durability factors are reviewed. Moreover, treatment pattern of addiction has been determined, including school-based programs, community-based programs, family-base programs, social development model and Integrated Model.

Methods: This is a narrative review, based on books and internet resources. Prestigious and well-known information databases such as PubMed, Medline, Scopus and other databases using were used by concepts that are somehow related to development, implementation, and evaluation of mental health promotion programs.

Results and Discussion: according to the issues mentioned above, the necessity of addressing addiction is so clear to everybody. Generally, interventions at the addiction level can be classified as follows: school-based programs, community and media-based programs, family-based programs, approach to changes in environments and rules, social development model and integrated model.




Keywords: Introduction, Principles, Techniques, Intervention, Crisis, Drugs Addiction

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