Dental Outreach Programmes-A Path to Develop Service Motive

Palli Chinna Babu, Srinivas Pachava


Inequitable distribution of dental work force and population ratio across rural and urban areas augmenting the need for oral health care services. In the present circumstances about 80% of dentists work in major cities in India, compared to the population where more than 68.84% Indians residing in the rural areas. To match the needs of growing population in rural areas there is a necessity of effective dental outreach programmes. In India most of the dental outreach programs were conducted by active participation of dental students with a supervision of dental teaching staff. Involvement of dental students to outreach activities at early stages of their academics will increase exposure to the real world and also increase service motive and sense of social responsibility which further motivates them to serve underserved population. Hence the review aimed to find out the role of various global dental outreach programmes in improving the dental health and service motive in dental students. Active search of literature was performed in pub med and Google scholar data bases electronically. Manually it was accomplished through key journals available in the library of institution and the search of articles was not precinct with the time frame. Most of the dental outreach activities by various cultures of the world are implementing at the first year of undergraduate level to build character among the students and the respective outreach programmes were funded by their government and colleges.


Keywords: dental outreach, community based dental education, community service, extramural dental programs, dental camps, dental visit, self medication, service learning.


dental outreach, community based dental education, community service, extramural dental programs, dental camps, dental visit, self medication, service learning.

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