Medical Tourism Services Quality Analysis: A Systematic Review

Amin Torabipour, Mohammad Qolipour, Kamal Qolipour


Introduction: Medical Tourism is defined as providing cost–effective medical care with the assistance of the tourism industry for patients requiring surgery and other special treatment. This study was performed to systematically collect literature in the field of medical tourism and analyze the service quality of this industry for future applied research.

Materials and Methods: A systematic literature search was carried out based on four electronic databases including PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus, and ISI articles published until June 2015. Also, the references of the final selected articles were reviewed to identify the relevant articles. The searching strategies included the following combination of keywords: "medical tourism", and "service quality". Among 128 articles that were identified in the first search, 16 articles were included in the final review. One article from the selected articles was extracted and content analyses was performed in order to determine the type of intervention.

Results: Nine out of 17 articles which totally related to the research questions belonged to Scopus database. Fourteen articles were descriptive. Most of the articles were conducted in Asia (13 articles). Questionnaire method was used in eight of these papers. Ten studies were conducted in hospitals. The main topics of the studies included Servqual, the necessary changes, patient satisfaction, motivations, patients’ expectations, patients’ perceptions, patients’ concerns, and service quality factors.

Conclusion: Health care organizations are looking for various ways to assess the provided service quality and its improvement. Observing a variety of the dimensions of medical tourism service quality in order to attract more patients to the country, is a requirement to policy a country's health care system.


Keywords: Medical Tourism, Service Quality, Systematic Review

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